The marine propulsion engines operate under more compelling conditions and within higher expectations than the other engines. The high performance diesel engines can generate power at perfect level for boats. However, the most important rule which must be remembered is that the engines the periodical maintenance of which has not been performed are considerably prone to cause a problem. Therefore, the engines the periodical maintenance of which is completely performed are very important for efficient and high performance usage.

We, as OMEX Marine, make all calculations for your machinery to be long-standing and for you to be able to receive high performance. We provide rapid and reliable solution offers through the technical support team which integrates the solution-oriented service mentality and the high technology, which is expert in its field and which has an employment history for over 15 years especially on Cummins and Caterpillar machinery. We carry on the conformity of your machine by using original parts in the processes that we carry out. We deliver your machine by testing it under the supervision of the authorized person.